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      After attaining over 20 years in various successful roles within Corporate America such as Marketing executive, Business Development Manager, and HR Director with top media companies like The Miami Herald and Univision Communications, I refined my skills in the marketing realm at a caliber that inspired change. 

      Subsequently in 2014,  I resigned such roles and decided to professionally transition my focus onto my creative, entrepreneurial, and artistic sensibilities.  This exploration led me to travel to Asia on a personal journey which progressed into completing a 300-hour meditation training in Rishikesh, India to receive a Yoga certification.  After exploring various meditation practices, I decided to focus on Mindfulness studies. It was then, through the University of Massachusetts’ Center for Mindfulness Program, that I became a Qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher and began offering private Mindfulness coaching sessions and the MBSR program. 


      As my passion for the arts and healing continued to expand, I attended the UCLA Arts and Healing Program and received a Social Emotional Arts (SEA) Facilitator Certificate. The UCLA program provided training on the best social-emotional practices in the various modalities such as art, dance/movement, drumming, music, poetry, and theater for youth and other populations. The benefits of these social-emotional practices provide self-awareness, self-confidence and minimize self-judgment and anxiety which can impede learning. 


      Today, I utilize my marketing and creative skills to help organizations reach their potential customers with an effective strategy and a unique mindful message.  See current project  As a student of life, I hope to inspire a curiosity for a deeper connection to one’s heart and mind to awaken our truth.  Creativity and mindfulness are two modes through which we can explore our inner freedom and well-being. I find inspiration in the human spirit, nature, and everyday moments. See visual art 

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